• The use of options – do employees care anymore?
  • Differences between ISO’s and NQSO’s
  • What are some of the issues when an individual pays AMT, but then has the options go underwater?
  • What can employers do to help employees who are holding underwater options? (repricing, additional grants, restricted stock, deferred compensation)
  • What are some of the factors companies need to consider in making decisions on ways to deal with underwater options? (i.e., investor concerns, dilution, earnings impact)
  • What is deferred compensation? What are examples of types of deferred compensation? When is it preferable to use this versus equity-based awards?
  • ISOs and employee stock purchase plans. What’s a disqualifying disposition? What should employers do about them? What is an employee stock purchase plan?
  • What type of advice should HR be giving employees re 401(k)s? Should employees be worried about recent stock declines?
  • Is there anything employers should consider when they have employees on foreign assignment – with options, deferred compensation, 401(k) plans?

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