Eleven scenarios are presented illustrating a variety of discriminatory harassment themes. These scenarios vividly re-enact situations that every employee could face, not just a re-telling of company policies or the law. Employees are asked questions in each scenario through a number of office devices such as simulated e-mail and inter-office memos. Correct and incorrect answers are explained. After the employees have completed the course, they are given a short test to reinforce concepts learned, which expands based on the number of incorrect answers.

     The course is introduced with a title screen which includes the organization’s name, logo and any other pertinent information. The course becomes a vehicle through which an organization’s strong commitment to discriminatory harassment prevention is communicated. A statement from a high level executive can be included in the course utilizing digital audio or video technology or using simple text and pictures. The course can include the organization’s discriminatory harassment policy.

Release date: January 2001 Awards: HR Executive Top Ten Training Product Price: $24.95 per user. Volume discounts available, customization fees are additional

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