Jacquelin F. Drucker is a full-time arbitrator of employment, labor, and commercial cases. Her practice spans the East Coast, Northeast, Caribbean, South, and Mid-West. She is listed on the AAA Labor Panel, the AAA National Employment Arbitration Roster, and all other major national and local panels. Ms. Drucker, a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, serves as a permanent labor arbitrator in numerous industries and, as an employment arbitrator, has handled cases involving the full range of statutory and contract claims under in-house employment ADR systems and pursuant to individual employment contracts.

Ms. Drucker is on the faculty of Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the Cornell Institute on Conflict Resolution, where she teaches programs on employment arbitration, labor arbitration, employment mediation, sexual harassment, and employment law. Ms. Drucker also is associated with the W. J. Usery, Jr. Center for the Workplace in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the designer of and lead instructor for the AAA’s 1999/2000 nationwide training program for its Employment Arbitration Panel and is a lead trainer for the AAA’s nationwide advanced employment arbitrator training program.

During her 25-year career in employment law and labor relations, Ms. Drucker practiced labor and employment law on the management side, spent several years as a union lobbyist, and, before relocating to New York in 1990, served as the General Counsel, Vice Chair, and Executive Director of the then newly formed Ohio Employment Relations Board. She was instrumental in the development of Ohio’s collective bargaining law, the formation of its adjudicatory and impasse-resolution board, and the operation of the state’s labor mediation service. While in the private practice of law, Ms. Drucker litigated employment discrimination cases on behalf of management and handled traditional labor relations matters. She also served as counsel to the Governor’s Task Force on Collective Bargaining.

Ms. Drucker is the author of numerous articles on labor and employment law. She is sole author of the treatise Collective Bargaining Law in Ohio (788 pp, West Publishing, 1993), which frequently is cited by Ohio’s highest courts and is regarded as the definitive work in the field of labor law and impasse resolution in the state. She is associate editor of Discipline and Discharge in Arbitration (ABA/BNA, 1998) and is a contributing editor of Public Sector Labor and Employment Law, Second Edition (NYSBA, 1998). Her recent articles include the following: “The Evolving Role of Arbitration in the Workplace,” Proceedings of the University of Louisville 2001 Carl Warns Institute (forthcoming 2001); “Manifest Disregard of the Law: Why Reasoned Awards Are Preferred in Employment Arbitration,” Conflict Management, Spring 2001 (ABA Litigation Section, ADR Committee); “Employment Arbitration and Labor Arbitration: Comparisons, Contrasts, and Concerns,” Proceedings of the ABA Labor and Employment Law Section ADR Committee 2001 Mid-Winter Meeting (ABA, 2001); “Arbitrating and Mediating Wrongful Termination Claims: Practical Considerations,” Handling Wrongful Termination Claims, (Practising Law Institute, 2001); “Arbitrating Employment Claims: Tips for Advocates,” The Effective Use of ADR in Employment Disputes (NYSBA CLE Programs, 1999); and “Is There a Wright Way? Arbitration of Statutory Claims under Collective Bargaining Agreements,” Proceedings of the American Bar Association 1999 Annual Meeting (ABA, 1999).

Ms. Drucker is the neutral chair of the ABA Labor and Employment Law Section’s Committee on ADR in Labor and Employment Law. She serves as CLE Chair for the NYSBA Labor and Employment Law Section, is a former co-chair of that Section’s Committee on ADR in Employment, and is a past secretary of the Section. She also has served as neutral chair of the ADR Advocacy and Development Subcommittee of the ABA Labor and Employment Law Section’s ADR Committee and is a past chair of the New York County Lawyers Association’s Committee on Labor Relations and Employment Law.

Ms. Drucker is admitted to the bars of Ohio, New York, and various federal courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States.