Mrs. Cratchit, RN – Hired by NurseTemps, Inc. to advise customers pricked by wreaths or who suffer from allergic reactions to pine needles. Received W-2 from NurseTemps. Frequently, she sees customers who storm Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas Wreath Co.’s office with bloody fingers. She works 70+ hours a week and is paid $29,000 per year. Mrs. Cratchit believes she is entitled to overtime for working in excess of 8 hours in a day. She worked with Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas Wreath Co. for 8 years.

Ebenezer’s Nephew, Delivery Person – Delivers Christmas Wreaths to homes in the Tri-State Region around New York City. Works 100+ hours per week. He uses the Company’s minivan to make the deliveries. He is paid a weekly salary of $1,000. He receives a 1099.

Bob Cratchit, Bookkeeper – Paid annual salary of $20,000 for the past 15 years. December 25, 2000, Cratchit was promoted to Vice President of Marketing in order to develop and implement a new marketing scheme. As VP, he earns $35 per hour. He has been paid $78,000 to date in 2001. He has worked an average of 80 hours per week for the past 16 years.

Belle, Admin Ass’t – Scrooge’s former girlfriend has worked as his administrative assistant for the past 10 years. She earns $400 per week. She works about 60 hours a week. Belle receives an extra $1 per hour when she works after 10 p.m. She is paid a weekend bonus of $10 whenever she is required to work on the weekend.
Week ending 12/24/2000: Belle worked 60 hours and earned $350. ($300 in salary + $20 for working after 10 p.m. + $10 for working on the weekend + a $20 Christmas bonus).

Tiny Tim, Laborer – Made Christmas wreaths in his home until December 24, 2000. Tim worked approximately 95 hours a week. He was paid $6 per hour. On December 25, 2000, he was promoted to a sales position. He is now paid on a commission basis to visit hospitals and sell wreaths.

Big Tim, Web Developer – Tiny Tim’s cousin. Works 75 hours a week for the first 2 weeks of each month. He is paid $60/hour. He attends school the second half of each month. He handles the Company’s e-commerce. He is paid cash and receives no W-2 or 1099.