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Is Training a Good Idea to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? – EEO News – Workplace Law Radio

David Sherwyn believes that sexual harassment prevention training is not a good idea. Bob Lipman will cross examine David Sherwyn about his article “Don’t Train Your Employees and Cancel Your ‘1-800’ Harassment Hotline: An Empirical Examination and Correction of the Flaws in the Affirmative Defense to Sexual Harassment Charges.” LXIX Fordham Law Review, Number 4 […]

Tax-Wise Employee Motivation Vehicles and Non-Compete Agreements – EEO News – Workplace Law Radio

The use of options – do employees care anymore? Differences between ISO’s and NQSO’s What are some of the issues when an individual pays AMT, but then has the options go underwater? What can employers do to help employees who are holding underwater options? (repricing, additional grants, restricted stock, deferred compensation) What are some of […]

Employment Legislative Update/Retaining Employees – EEO News – Workplace Law Radio

. H.R. 1602, the Rewarding Performance in Compensation Act proposes to exempt non-discretionary bonuses from inclusion for overtime calculations. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) – H.R. 1543, Civil Rights & Employee Investigation Clarification Act. The FTC has interpreted the FCRA as requiring an employer who brings in an outside consultant to conduct a workplace investigation […]

Wage-Hour Laws – EEO News – Workplace Law Radio

Mrs. Cratchit, RN – Hired by NurseTemps, Inc. to advise customers pricked by wreaths or who suffer from allergic reactions to pine needles. Received W-2 from NurseTemps. Frequently, she sees customers who storm Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas Wreath Co.’s office with bloody fingers. She works 70+ hours a week and is paid $29,000 per year. Mrs. […]